New Testing Tools: Jumi 0.2 & Specsy 2

New versions of two of my projects have just been released. They both are testing tools for Java/JVM-based languages.

Jumi 0.2

Jumi is a new test runner for the JVM, which overcomes the JUnit test runner's limitations to better support all testing frameworks, and offers better performance and usability to end-users.

This release is ready for early adopters to start using Jumi. It adds support for running multiple test classes (though they must be listed manually). The next releases will add automatic test discovery (so you can identify all tests with e.g. "*Test") and JUnit backward compatibility (so that Jumi will run also JUnit tests).

The Specsy testing framework has been upgraded to run using Jumi. We hope that more testing frameworks will implement Jumi support in near future - please come to the Jumi mailing list if you're a tool vendor interested in implementing Jumi support.

Specsy 2

The Specsy testing framework supports now more languages than ever (Specsy 1 was Scala-only). For now it supports Scala (2.7.7 and higher), Groovy (any version) and Java (7 or higher; lambdas strongly recommended), but it's only a matter of adding one wrapper class to add support for a new JVM-based language.

Specsy 2 runs using the new Jumi test runner, fixing a bunch of issues that Specsy 1.x had with the JUnit test runner's limited expressiveness. Actually Specsy 2 was released already in September, but Jumi wasn't then ready for general use, but now it is.