Random thoughts on "Random Thoughts"

Previously I've been writing down my thoughts and plans on plain text files, notebooks and paper sheets, but I suppose that it would be good to post some of them also online. It would make referring to them much easier. Maybe someone might even mistake to read them.

When thinking about what to call this blog, I remembered a quote from an old AMV, Boogiepop Phantom - Butterfly by MindWarp. I was going to write here whatever random thoughts I happen to have, so I though "Random Thoughts" to be a good name for a blog about random thoughts. It would be nice for them to be as psychedelic as that AMV, but I'm afraid it won't happen. ;)
Butterflies are random thoughts people have
They live, They die, They are pointless.
- Jonathan Watson

First I will probably be writing about my current hobby project, Dimdwarf Application Server, which will be a scalable high-availability application server and a distributed object database, optimized for low latency (for example MMO games). Then I might write things about user interface design. I design UIs using the GUIDe+GDD method and right now I'm writing my masters thesis about the same topic. I may also write things about TDD (next autumn I'll be lecturing a course about TDD in the University of Helsinki) as well as my thoughts on what Software Craftsmanship is about (on SC's mailing list there has not yet been a clear consensus on what makes craftsmen different from other developers).

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