Let's Code Dimdwarf

I'm starting a new screencast series, Let's Code, where I will be recording myself developing some open source projects. This was inspired by James Shore's Let's Play TDD series and I will try doing something similar. My goal is not to teach the basics of how to do TDD, but to show how one developer does it - in the hope that something can be learned from it. Each episode will be about 25 minutes long ("one pomodoro") and I will try to release a new episode every couple of days, but no promises about that.

The first episode can be seen at my new blog where I will announce all new Let's Code episodes.

P.S. I'll be writing a blog article about my screencast toolchain and experiences about different video hosting providers. The video quality of YouTube and Vimeo was not good enough for high resolution text (these screencasts are 1440x1080 resolution with font size 16), but Blip.tv was just perfect since they won't re-encode my videos.

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